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Whether you want that perfect

up-do for an upcoming wedding or you are just tired of your faded color, give us a call! We have something for you.

If your look is starting to turn more into an old routine, stop by our salon for a fresh cut and style.

We offer specialized treatments from children's haircuts to baylayage, hair painting, keratin treatments and color balancing!

Women's Services Men's Services Specialized Treatments

Spazzo is a full service, upscale, trendy salon that caters to both men and women.

All of our hair stylists can perform multiple up-dos, color, haircuts, and much more.

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Welcome Back!

We couldn’t be happier to announce our return to Spazzo. If our State continues on its current path, our opening date will be June 1st! It’s been a long, challenging road but we have made it through and can’t wait to make everyone feel beautiful again. Although we would all like everything to be back to normal, we will still have to follow a strict protocol to make sure our space is safe for you as well as for our team. Please be sure to follow these guidelines as we wish to never revisit the past few months again! Please note ther will be a $5COVID PPE surcharge while this craziness lasts. Thank you for your undying support and understanding. We couldn’t have made it to the other side of all of this madness without you!

What we are doing:

1.Taking customers by appointment only


2.We will routinely disinfect our work stations/ shampoo        stations/tools after each customer.


3.We will use a fresh cape on each person.


4.We will provide towels to hold over your faces while shampooing and while we need to stand in front of you.


5.We will be wearing masks and other required protective gear.


6. We are forbidden to use blowdryers until further notice


7.We will not be using appointment cards. Rather, we will send you an immediate reminder to your phone or email.


What we ask from you:

1.Please come to your appointment alone. As we have to limit the amount of people in the shop at one time, we can’t allow anyone but the customer who has his/her scheduled appointment.


2.Please wait in your car or outside until you receive a text announcing we are sanitized and ready for you.


3. It will be manditory for you to wear a mask


4.Please keep a 6 foot distance from others whenever possible.


5.Seems silly to even say at this point but please don’t come in if you or someone in your house isn’t feeling well. We have a touch-less thermometer and we may take your temperature upon entering the building.



Attention Color Family!

We are now offering Rootie tootie color touch up! This is a personalized color system that will blend out the roots around your part and your hairline until we can see eachother again. It is designed to not be a detriment to your existing salon color and to prevent the need for color correction upon our return. The kit includes everything you will need to have a successful experience (including instructions). Email us at spazzosalon@gmail.com  and we will contact you to arrange for the exchange!

Rootie tootie touch up $27

We miss you but we've got your roots covered!